Colorado man to be freed early now in immigration custody

Colorado man to be freed early now in immigration custody

DENVER (AP) — What was supposed to be a joyous homecoming for a Colorado man whose 98-year prison term was cut short turned to heartache when he was detained by immigration officials just as he was set to be released. About 2,000 Cubans have been sent back since then, and the rest have either died or are too old or sick to be deported. "He said, 'Did you hear?' And I was like, 'Yeah, ' and I could just hear his smile", said Jasmine Lima-Marin. "And now you're punishing them for something that they didn't have anything to do with", said Rene Lima-Marin. This week a judge ordered him to be released again, saying it would be "draconian" to keep him in prison.

Cubans convicted after that agreement, such as Lima-Marin, are not automatically accepted by Cuba because of that deal.

Seventeen have been deported since October 2016, and 123 have been deported since October 2014, less than three months before President Barack Obama announced the beginning of normalization of relations with Cuba. He has not yet said publicly whether he meant to reverse specific policies.

People who can not be deported have been allowed to remain and live freely in the United States but check in regularly with immigration officials. About 600 are in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to statistics by the agency.

President Bill Clinton enacts the "wet foot, dry foot" policy allowing Cubans who reach the United States to remain in the country.

No one was injured (Lima-Marin claimed the gun involved was unloaded), and the pair only moved store employees from one room to another, reports the Denver Post, but Lima-Marin was convicted of kidnapping, burglary, aggravated robbery, and use of a deadly weapon.

But in 2014, when police realized their mistake, Lima-Marin was picked up and returned to prison.

Lima-Marin was slated to be released this week from the Fremont Correctional Facility after the court sent a required order terminating his sentence to the Department of Correction. But ICE can request that an inmate suspected of an immigration violation be held after their release from jail or prison under a form referred to as a hold or a detainer. In the ruling, he called Lima-Marin's re-incarceration "utterly unjust".

Diego says Lima-Marin became a legal resident but never applied for U.S citizenship.

When he learned he was being released, Lima-Marin called his wife to tell her the news.

"In effect, after its utter lack of care led to Lima-Marin's premature release and prolonged erroneous liberty, in January 2014, the government made a decision to compensate for its transgressions by swiftly turning back the clock and returning Lima-Marin to prison - not through the use of a magic wand or the invention of a time machine built out of a DeLorean, which might have transported him back to his life in April 2008, but through the simple issuance of an arrest warrant, which merely put him back in prison, disregarding everything that had transpired between April 2008 and January 2014", Samour said. "But now we don't know what's about to happen", she said.