SAP wants enterprises to learn from their smart devices

SAP wants enterprises to learn from their smart devices

SAP has announced two new initiatives as part of a commitment to address customers' concerns.

By being one of the first managed service providers to deploy HPE Synergy, Symmetry has increased its ability to provide comprehensive and highly compliant virtual private cloud solutions supporting a wide range of IT workloads spanning SAP, SAP HANA, other critical third party applications and traditional IT workloads all from a single platform.

SAP said it is committed to building a partner ecosystem around Leonardo and announced a strategic alliance with Deloitte Consulting, which will develop and deliver new services around Leonardo software.

For companies that are journeying toward digital transformation, SAP launched version 2.0 of its Digital Innovation and Transformation Assessment.

"When you take something rules-based, you are not able to adapt predictions to new data", said Mike Flannagan, SAP's senior vice president for analytics, ahead of the company's Sapphire Now customer conference in Orlando.

Leonardo isn't the only place machine learning is turning up at SAP.

Virtustream, the enterprise-class cloud company and a Dell Technologies business, today announced that it will expand capabilities as a premium supplier of SAP HANA® Enterprise Cloud.

On Tuesday, Google and SAP jointly announced the integration of SAP's enterprise applications and solutions into the Google Cloud Platform. Microsoft Azure is now available as a public preview and Google Cloud Platform as a demo showcase, and all may be managed using the new SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.

This digital innovation platform will offer customers either "an industry-focused approach called industry accelerators, aligned to specific use cases with fixed prices and timelines", or a flexible approach that allows customers to build whatever they want and need for their industry or business. It used the Sapphire conference to announce that it now offers "40+ services" of its own, including new ones for internet of things, big data and machine learning. These types of integrations also make it easier for SAP customers to run hybrid cloud setups, which an very bad lot of older IT organizations are choosing rather than migrate wholesale to the public cloud.

As it has with other platform offerings, the company is taking steps to build a broader ecosystem around Leonardo, faster, by opening up APIs and other connectors to make it easier for partners and other developers to build custom applications, integrations, and other add-ons that will work with the core functionality of Leonardo. It's doing that by embedding SAP Predictive Analytics' machine learning capabilities in S/4Hana. SAP App Center now offers online discovery so users can easily try, purchase and use partner apps directly from the center.

SAP® Software Integration Readiness Assessment - Through a series of workshops, the collective BackOffice Associates and SAP team will evaluate and quantify a business' readiness for SAP software integration and use this as a starting point for the integration roadmap.

She cited Google's support of an open source, hybrid environment working in tandem with the SAP Cloud. For a blog by Bjoern Goerke, chief technology officer, SAP, on SAP Cloud Platform enhancements.