People are convinced that Avril Lavigne killed herself in 2003

People are convinced that Avril Lavigne killed herself in 2003

Fans of Avril Lavigne have some fantastic news to celebrate now that the Canadian rocker has revealed she's headed back into the studio to record an upcoming album.

As of writing, the conspiracy theory thread on Twitter now has over 124,000 retweets and nearly 200,000 likes. Mrs Lavigne was also a victim of another reputation, who wanted her to be killed in a snowboarding accident.

The blog was set up to "prove how easy it is to start a big internet conspiracy theory", according to BuzzFeed reporter Ryan Broderick whose reporting on the blog in 2015 accidentally spread the rumour. The differences between her first album - which included hits like "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boi" - stand in stark contrast to the music she created thereafter, including everything from 2007's "Girlfriend" to 2014's "Hello Kitty". Rather than coming to terms with what had happened, Lavigne's record company used Melissa Vandella - Lavigne's doppleganger who was supposedly hired to pose as Lavigne for paparazzi - in her place to profit off of her celebrity.

Theorists have analysed the shape of Avril's nose, her autograph and her voice - which they claim has had a different tone and been increasingly out of tune since 2003. It's an album full of subliminal messages apparently left by the "New Avril". "From here it was no longer true Avril, but "Avril Lavigne" under the skin of another singer!"

Yesterday, the blonde star posted a sweet snap of her with her mom for Mother's Day. Ms. Lavigne has an active presence in social media and her latest tweet on May 14 is one made in the framework of the Mother's Day celebration.

And it's not just physical features that users believe have changed - others are were suspicious when Avril promoted a slimming bar as a "yummy and healthy snack". "The jig is up Melissa" which garnered more than 15,000 retweets.

"Conspiracy theories are part of this", she said. Despite the urgency with which some of Lavigne's fans appear to want to get to the bottom of things - and as entertaining as internet conspiracies can sometimes be - it seems highly unlikely that the real Avril Lavigne is anything but alive and well.