Jones looks to Senate on health bill repeal

Jones looks to Senate on health bill repeal

Given that he appeared unaware that repealing the Affordable Care Act would have devastating effects on New York's Essential Health Plan, which provides health care to hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, it seems clear he did not understand the many devils contained in the bill's details.

Obamacare has never been popular.

Senate Republicans, who hold a slim two-vote majority, can only afford to two defections in order to pass a health care plan. More people were hurt by Obamacare than helped. In fact, individuals making less than $35k annually were forced into Medicaid by the Exchange program. Congress should ensure that Medicaid remains a strong pillar of our health care system, able to support moms at the beginning of our pregnancies and through our final years. People living with a host of medical conditions are anxious about the future of their coverage if the Republican plan becomes law.

In enacting their swampcare alternative, Republicans will scuttle all the things people have hated about Obamacare, but they will not restructure the legislation to save money. By the 1960s, however, even insurance costs were unaffordable to many. They traffic in the bad myth that health care would be available to everyone if they'd just work hard enough. Overall, 500,000 more New Jerseyans would be without health insurance than under current law. The constitutionality of that provision alone is dubious.

While Collins may not have understood all the gory details, he certainly knew the end result - a tax cut for people like him, and loss of coverage and skyrocketing costs for millions of people struggling to make ends meet. They are much more likely to use Medicaid's long-term services. That bill was passed separately from the main legislation and sponsored by Republican Rep. Martha McSally of Arizona, who said "anything short of that is hypocrisy".

Wrong again. The Affordable Care Act can be easily fixed, but Republicans have refused to do the fixing. If they do nothing, they will also be breaking all their promises.

House Republicans celebrated on the White House lawn after passage of what they would have you believe was the vaunted repeal and replace of Obamacare. The system will collapse.

Packer, who talked as protesters rallied outside of Perry's Wormleysburg office days after the health care vote, said to the congressman, "Women who are having the children need to have them in a safe manner".

To be fair, Democrats can't escape blame in this whole health care mess. President Trump stated that the reason he is considering linking the two is because the Democrats are supportive of increased infrastructure spending. It's all about the art of the deal. They presume he will take a strong stand against swampcare if it does not change.

The new AHCA will eliminate unneeded coverage and most penalties, reducing the cost for Middle Americans. It will all be on President Trump. The catch is those benefits are now taxed, with a high penalty when they exceed the "Cadillac" cost of $12,000, which is about the same cost as Obamacare for the few paying Obamacare customers. Republicans always tell voters about the next fight hoping they are distracted from the present.