Google wants your next auto to have Google Assistant built in

Google wants your next auto to have Google Assistant built in

But users can switch the default to Google Maps, which is a significant sign that automakers are realizing the better strategy is to partner when it comes to in-car infotainment and cockpit control UX.

The partnership will give its customers access to a wide array of apps and services, including Android apps developed by Google, Volvo and third parties.

Using Android as the base operating system, Volvo said in a statement, "will increase speed and flexibility in the development and offer its customers the ability to personalise the connected in-car experience".

Google has announced that it has partnered with Volvo Cars to support the development of the auto maker's next-generation connected vehicles.

Just to enhance your peace of mind, it is reported that the Android infotainment system will take "over the underlying software on the auto".

Volvo are planning to reveal full details of the Google Partnership at Google's I/O tech show on 17 May.

The auto version of Android will be powering the central touchscreen unit of the vehicle along with the digital dashboard behind the steering wheel.

That's problematic for vehicle companies that are investing heavily in the data-generating entertainment systems.

Android Auto has added features including control of the car's air conditioning, windows, sunroof, and more to the navigation, infotainment and mapping capabilities it already had. Along with the announcement, Google did post two concepts of what potential owners will see, with those interior concepts based on a Volvo XC60, as well as an Audi Q8 Sport.

At any rate, building an Android OS directly into cars does make sense, and we can likely expect Apple to go a similar route in the future.

Volvo users won't have to wait until the next generation of Sensus Connect to take advantage of this partnership.

Google earlier said that its automotive version of Android is open source can be used along with Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto app.