Melissa McCarthy adds spice (and Spicer) as host of 'SNL'

Melissa McCarthy adds spice (and Spicer) as host of 'SNL'

It was when McCarthy reached Trump Tower that things took an interesting turn with Baldwin's Trump making an unwanted advance.

This time, Spicey uses matryoshka dolls - you know, those Russian wooden dolls that fit inside one another - to explain FBI Director James Comey's firing.

"Have you ever told me to say thing that aren't true?" "I sit on every chair like it's a toilet".

The first half of the skit was business as usual, but the latter half featured the roving Spicey New York caught a glimpse of earlier in the week.

"Your presidency is like the craziest show on TV", Holt said. "In an upcoming episode, we will find out that Kellyanne [Conway] has been dead this whole time".

(Baldwin is writing a satirical book with Kurt Anderson about Trump due out November, so don't bet on it). "Plus, I bet Nixon only got one scoop of ice cream for dessert, but I get two scoops", "Trump" said. "Nothing matters? Oh nothing matters anymore".

In one sketch, set in the White House press briefing room, "SNL" cast member Aidy Bryant plays deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

McCarthy's Spicer heckled each reporter after they spoke and refused to connect the president with Russian Federation.

The show returns to McCarthy playing Spicer live.

"That's right, Spicey's back, Sarah's out". And for now, McCarthy's "Spicey" may be the best antidote to Trump-induced stress. "If he's insane, he's insane like a fox with mental problems". In fact, I'm not certain, but I think this is the first series of pre-recorded sketches that has a narrative that continues throughout a given season.

"I know we think this every week, but this week was insane", says Colin Jost, in kicking off Weekend Update. Because he told us so. "And they're gonna prove it with a certified letter which you know is the truth because it costs an extra two dollars to have it certified". Inside Putin ("Oops", McCarthy says, swiftly tossing that doll aside), follows "Steve Bannon", or Slimer from Ghostbusters. But McCarthy makes it work wonderfully by using her incredible talents as a physical comedian. Soon after another reporter posed the question, "Why is everyone saying he's (Trump) about to fire you and replace you with Sarah (Huckabee Sanders)?". McCarthy's Spicer then gave the reporters a demonstration of how Mr. Trump made decisions using a matryoshka doll that involved Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions, but soon after, reporters asked him if he was anxious about getting fired. As to the reporter who asked the question: "I honestly hope to God I killed her". Period! Then he hired lawyers to agree with him. "SNL" added the scratch along with James Brown's "I Feel Good".

Then they kissed and made up, literally, with Trump and Spicer locked in a tight embrace.

The host's thuggish, thin-skinned Spicer impression came back to big laughs, first in the press gallery (where reporters peppered him with questions like, "If [the President] is your friend, why does he make you come out here and humiliate yourself every day?) and then to NY, where he shared an intimate, unwilling kiss with his boss".

"Only since you started working here", Baldwin's Trump responded.

Instead, I suspect we'll see him riding roughshod over traditional PR mores, in order to preserve his sanity and destroy that of everyone else.