Three Georgia athletics teams notch ideal April scores

Three Georgia athletics teams notch ideal April scores

The NCAA released Academic Progress Rate data for member institutions Wednesday and, for the ninth consecutive year, all of the University of Oklahoma's athletics programs earned a multiyear April score above the NCAA minimum threshold. Fifteen Terrapin teams earned multiyear Academic Progress Rates (APR) at or above.970. That measures students who graduate within six years but does not count those who leave school while academically eligible and includes those who transfer into a school.

The Herd football team posted a 968 April, while men's basketball recorded a 960.

Every Division I sports team calculates its April each academic year with student-athletes earning one point for remaining eligible and one point for staying in school or graduating every academic term.

The APR is based on four years of data, with the most current year's data added and the oldest year removed to create a four-year (multi-year) rolling rate.

Last week, the NCAA released its public recognition awards which are presented annually to those programs that post the top marks in their respective sport-groups.

Alabama also saw five athletic programs achieve or maintain ideal multi-year APRs, with cross country the only men's sport to reach that level, while women's golf, gymnastics, swimming and diving, and tennis each achieved flawless 1,000 scores.

Auburn's football program scored a 980, which is tied for second in the SEC behind Vanderbilt (992). The national average is 966. More than 7,500 competed in baseball, men's basketball, football and women's basketball - the highest-profile sports in college athletics. A flawless score is 1,000.

Four other UConn athletic teams - field hockey, golf, men's and women's tennis - also had a ideal multi-year April scores. Three-point improvements in baseball and football four-year rates contributed to that increase.

Since 2010, low-resource school have seen scores jump from 939 to 968 while HBCUs have seen their numbers go from 913 to 956. Men's cross country, swimming and volleyball recorded flawless scores for the second consecutive year and Marshall doubled the number of programs with a ideal April to eight in 2015-16 from four in 2014-15.

Every Division I sports team across the nation calculates its April each academic year, similar to a report card. Women's beach volleyball earned a Public Recognition Award for its second consecutive ideal score, while men's volleyball and women's cross country also scored multi-year marks of 1000. The men's team accomplished its ideal score while capturing the national championship in 2014 while the field hockey team won national crowns in 2013 and 2014.