Microsoft blurs the line between desktop and cloud with OneDrive update

Microsoft blurs the line between desktop and cloud with OneDrive update

Microsoft hopes to make a show of creative force for its Fall Creators Update with Windows Story Remix, a new application that incorporates all the 3D technologies it rolled out with the initial Creators Update to help intelligently create mixed-reality montages.

The user interface in Windows 10 File Explorer will also be updated so you can better see which files are available on the device and in the cloud, thanks to the use of a small cloud icon in a column labeled "Status".

All three features are coming with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The Creators Update contains developer-only support for a new range of cheap virtual reality headsets, and in the Fall Creators Update, that support will be opened up to everyone. A new update for Microsoft's operating system will keep multiple devices on the same page, so a project started on your Surface laptop at work can be finished on your iPhone in line at Starbucks.

"There are new features to bring files and all your activities from separate device islands to a unified intelligent cloud", Belfiore continued. It uses technologies such as Timeline, which visually displays what a user was doing previously, allowing them to easily hop back into files, apps and websites as if it was real time.

Another upcoming feature will let you start working on a document on a Windows 10 PC and pick up where you left off on a rival phone.

"Imagine logging off your PC and having the doc you were editing pop up on your phone", Myerson said.

Windows 10 is now running on 500 million devices.

Microsoft just announced Story Remix-a new app that lets you create videos with mixed reality content, among other things-this morning at its Build developer conference.

If you're expecting Microsoft's new Project Neon or Fluent Design to be a grand remaking of the Windows interface, you'll be disappointed-Microsoft's words, not ours.

Windows Story Remix, meanwhile, sounds like what Google already does with its Google Photos Assistant, stitching together photos into a slideshow, sometimes combining them with video. Microsoft executives described it as a more gradual journey over time.

When will the Fall Creators Update be released?

Microsoft stated that developers in the USA and Canada can pre-order an Acer ($299 USD) or HP ($329 USD) Windows Mixed Reality Headset Developer Edition starting today from the Microsoft Store for delivery later this summer.

Acer will also offer a retail bundle of their HMD along with the first ever set of Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers for $399 this holiday season and they will track your location in your space without the need for external cameras/trackers.