When US President Trump gets a sharp nudge from First Lady Melania

When US President Trump gets a sharp nudge from First Lady Melania

The event organised by the First Lady to get families together, featured games like rolling the eggs across the White House lawn with wooden spoons, making greeting cards for American troops, aside from Melania reading "Party Animals", a story by the television personality Kathie Lee Gifford while children sat on the grass.

"We're going to come out and join you and enjoy your company for a roll, a great Easter egg roll". It's just that at the time of the National Anthem, Melania didn't know which hand she should use to put on heart while Donald preferred not to do it for quite some time.

Mr Trump takes it, signs it with a marker, and tosses it into the crowd, rather than hand it straight back to the child.

Military families, children from local schools and hospitals and the children of White House staff members were in attendance at the event.

Either way, it seems Mrs Trump will be a tremendous asset to her husband when she leaves her home in NY to join him in Washington.

The president offered some brief remarks as well.

"That's his Easter speech.You can see that's a guy who has no idea what Easter is actually about", said The Daily Show's Trevor Noah on Monday night. "And we will be stronger and bigger and better as a nation than ever before. We are right on track".

Spicer really did play the White House Easter Bunny when he was a spokesman for the US Trade Representative under President George W. Bush in 2008.

Trump thanked his wife for "working on this for a long time to make it ideal".

In the same way that Donald Trump and Barack Obama's inauguration concerts were starkly different affairs, their White House Easter egg rolls also had very little in common. He said that the First Lady has worked for long just to make the event a ideal one and in line with how they want to be.