This Is How Kendall Jenner Really Feels About Her Pepsi Ad

This Is How Kendall Jenner Really Feels About Her Pepsi Ad

FYI Pepsi has already pulled the ad and apologized for failing to do anything resembling anything.

While the source doesn't think the commercial will be a deal-breaker for the model, they admit Pepsi did a poor job at trying to project its "global message of unity".

" We clearly missed our goal, and we apologize", said the brand in a statement, adding that she put on hold throughout the campaign".

On Tuesday, Jenner tweeted out Pepsi's new ad (it's since been deleted), which shows the celebrity leaving a photoshoot to join a group of protesters who are calling for peace.

She then hands a can of the drink to a police officer, who smiles as her new friends laugh along. Some said the final scene evoked an image from the "Black Lives Matter" movement when a female nurse walked up to a line of police officers in Louisiana a year ago.

Stars such as Lena Dunham also took to social media to criticise the advert. She gives a police officer a can of Pepsi and, allegedly this was supposed to reconcile the differences between the protestors and the police.

As you surely know, Pepsi is only recently smarting from the many burns it received-including one from none other than Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter -for the aforementioned Jenner ad. Following a widespread backlash, the company announced on Wednesday that it would halt a wider rollout of the video. She aptly captioned it: "If only Daddy would have known the power of Pepsi".

Still, he also noted that the fallout wouldn't necessarily be that damaging, since a lot of the negative sentiment expressed on social media is "easily washed away overnight".

So Pepsi took down the ad and apologized to Kendall.

In 2013 too, PepsiCo had to pull out a Mountain Dew ad for endorsing disgusting racial stereotype. It pulled that ad from online channels, and said it was never meant to run on TV.