Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Compatible with Samsung Pay

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Compatible with Samsung Pay

While much of the Galaxy S8 launch announcement was leaked ahead of time, one of the few surprises that Samsung kept up its sleeve was Samsung DeX. Early sales in Korea will run through the 17th of this month, and customers will have the S8 in their hands as early as April 18.

While we've already detailed some good cases for the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ those are a combination of multiple choices.

The next logical step for Samsung is to launch the successor of the Galaxy Note 7, which is likely to be called the Galaxy Note 8. The other nuts and bolts that make up most smartphones are present in the Galaxy A7 such as accelerometer, gryo sensor and compass. That means Samsung Galaxy S7 is available for $570 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is available for $680. The handset also offers a 3 GB of RAM along with 32 GB of internal memory. Of course, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users should proceed to install the update when they have access to a Wi-Fi connection instead of using their cellular data.

Samsung has officially impressed me with the Galaxy S8, and I can't wait to spend more time with it.

A new Night Mode with a Blue Light Filter that allows the user to adjust and reduce the amount of blue light from the display for better night viewing and improved sleep. It is rumored to have a fingerprint scanner on the bottom of the front screen as a virtual on-screen home button, a feature that was not adopted for the S8 due to technical issues. The Note 7 attracted a record-high of 400,000 preorders. In order to recover from both aspects, Samsung must have a battery that won't just explode but also pack some new elements (not at the cost of safety).

On the rear, we can see a dual-lens camera, possibly offering the rumored 3D photography that is being discussed in forums. The overnight news was predictable, most of it flagged well in advance. The company even compliments the device by saying that it is the best performing Smartphone display that they have ever tested.