John Cena Not Appearing at SummerSlam This Year?

John Cena Not Appearing at SummerSlam This Year?

Cena is notorious for being unwilling to get married.

The second reason was said to be Nikki Bella's incapability of competing inside the squared circle in the post-Wrestlemania season. I like to be a businesswoman and I want to focus on that and I fully respect John's decision on why he doesn't want to be a dad. Total Divas airs Wednesdays at 9pm on E!

Nikki is only a few days into being a fiance, so she's still trying to soak in what her and John's future will be like as husband and wife. Well, SmackDown has just added Shinsuke Nakamura and there are rumors they'll be picking up another big name to help carry the load during next week's superstar shakeup until Big Match John can make his return.

With regards to next week's "Superstar Shakeup" on Raw and Smackdown, Dave Meltzer reported in a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Smackdown live events actually outdrew Raw in January and February after John Cena returned after Christmas. He said that if he were to have children, he would have to be available to his child but simply didn't have the time.

Meanwhile, Nikki and John are finally engaged!

She admits that being filmed live on HD TV every week for WWE's SmackDown can be scary, because every pound on the scale and every curve of your body is magnified. "I don't ever want to retire", she says. He then asked her for an honest answer because either way, she wouldn't be able to remember the answer. "She knows her boundaries, and I want her to know that I have her back". If you're wondering what took Cena so damn long, don't worry - you're not the only ones.

According to Nikki, she was completely caught off guard and she was in shock when he proposed to her. But she's never been one to cower. There's no way he's going to propose in front of all those people, in front of 70,000 and all the ones that were tuned in worldwide. "I just got cleared by my surgeon Wednesday, so I'm good to go...."

This worked out for the both of them, as it had been Nikki's dream for John to propose to her. "A dream come true! So I was like, 'Oh, maybe this is for me!'" Bella recalled. "I never wanted to put any doubt in your mind", she said. Check out the other details about the engagement ring, wedding plans updates, and more. However, it was revealed that Cena's mother was not aware that he will pop the question. Everyone saw that he left his gear wherein he took off his gloves and have placed them in the center of the ring, TMZ has reported.

"The ring represents our entire relationship up until this point".

While showing off her handsome Tiffany's engagement ring, she gushed, "We've been together for four-and-half years, so its four-and-half carats and each side has four diamonds".