Apple gets green light to test self-driving cars

Apple gets green light to test self-driving cars

He expects the firm is creating a safe and effective autonomous-driving system based on computer vision, laser-based navigation and mapping, while also building an in-car environment for passengers that leverages Apple's dominant position in entertainment and workspace technology.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has granted Apple a permit allowing it to begin testing self-driving cars on public roads.

Apple has secured a permit for autonomous-vehicle testing in California, the Wall Street Journal reports.

After much speculation, it looks like Apple can be safely added to the list of growing companies that is working on, or is at least interested in, developing autonomous vehicle technology.

The permit does not guarantee that Apple would someday launch a self-driving vehicle. The self-driving cars are expected to transform mobility in the coming years. This news alone quells one rumor: that Apple was designing its own auto.

No prizes for guessing that whatever Apple does with an autonomous vehicle - be it one that they have built from scratch, or one that is completed in partnership with another company, it will most definitely arrive with Apple CarPlay, and has charging sockets that will cater specifically for Apple products. Last April, Motor Trend published what it billed as an exclusive set of Apple auto renderings - but what was dramatically hyped on social media turned out to be speculative mock-ups by outside artists.

"Apple is investing heavily in machine learning and autonomous systems", the company said then. The autonomous vehicle service.

Apple's move into self-driving cars has been hotly anticipated for years, and Friday's news is the latest indication that it is serious about the space. Neither Apple nor Tesla has given any inkling that they're interested in joining forces, though. However, the company has been slow to confirm their involvement with driverless cars and has long kept quiet about their plans, per USA Today.

Google, an early developer of the technology, considers self-driving cars to be a potential new market, while Uber hopes to eventually eliminate the need for human drivers to shuttle its customers.