Kendrick Lamar samples critical FOX News segment on new album DAMN

Kendrick Lamar samples critical FOX News segment on new album DAMN

DAMN.'s two opening tracks sample a statement Rivera made on Fox News in 2015 following Lamar's BET Awards performance of "Alright", which featured the rapper performing on top of a vandalised police vehicle.

By sampling Rivera in his own words, however, Lamar lays the foundation for his new album's main themes: black excellence in the face of institutional racism and police brutality.

Kendrick Lamar new album DAMN is the hottest topic in hip hop today, but there are talks that he could drop a second album on Sunday. "It's the most negative possible message", Rivera said Friday, doubling down on previous remarks to The Huffington Post that hip-hop is culturally "very destructive".

It was appropriate given that Lamar had himself on fire in the recently released video for his single "Humble".

The album is available for streaming via various streaming services, check it out below.

Some thought the theory was just the result of overzealous fans sharing their hopes for more music.

In the first two tracks, "BLOOD." and "DNA.", Lamar included samples from the panel, using sentences taken from their discussion, such as "views on police brutality", Heavy reports.

Kendrick Lamar's Easter album isn't the only wild conspiracy theory out there. Beginning with a mysterious tweet from TDE's in-house producer Sounwave, the theory explains that Kendrick is not finished with us just yet. "I have no beef with Kendrick Lamar".

Rivera continues to say that "Black Lives Matter avoids the central reality" and states that it's the issues within black communities that cause problems. "I got this piece called the iRig, I saw you could plug it into your iPhone, they got amps on here, see what cool guitar sounds I could get".