United Scrambles To Recover From Ousted Passenger Fiasco

United Scrambles To Recover From Ousted Passenger Fiasco

Dao was one of four passengers asked to leave an overbooked United Airlines flight departing from Chicago to Kentucky on Sunday.

The CEO of United Airlines' parent company is pledging to review policies after a passenger was dragged off a full fight in Chicago.

In an ABC interview on Wednesday, Muñoz apologized to Dao, his family, and the passengers aboard the flight.

He said United had to "re-accommodate" the man, who was bloodied in the encounter with security officials.

"That's my promise", Munoz said, after more than two days of criticism for his reserved responses. "We can't do that".

Reimbursing the passengers on Flight 3411 was "a smart thing to do", Henry Harteveldt, founder of Atmosphere Research Group, a travel-industry consulting firm, said.

Citing the risk of "serious prejudice" to their client, Dr. David Dao, lawyers want United and the city of Chicago, under which O'Hare International Airport is run, to preserve surveillance videos, cockpit voice recordings, passenger and crew lists, and other materials related to the flight.

After the first video went viral on social media, United attracted more controversy when a leaked staff memo showed that the CEO, Mr Oscar Munoz, called Dr Dao "disruptive and belligerent".

Alderman Mike Zalewski said he did not know who will represent the airline before the city council's Aviation Committee.

United was trying to make room for four employees of a partner airline on the Sunday evening flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky.

Dao, though, refused to be bumped and was dragged off the plane by armed police - in full view of other passengers and their smartphones.

One officer, who was not identified, was placed on leave Monday, "pending a thorough review of the situation", Aviation Department spokeswoman Karen Pride wrote in an emailed statement. Fellow passengers captured footage of the officers seemingly slamming Dao against an armrest before dragging him along the floor down the aisle and off the plane.

What to do when you're on an overbooked flight.

When no-one volunteered, a United manager came on the plane and announced that passengers would be chosen at random.

"How do you teach your children of such uncivilized, injustice, discriminated, publicly and proudly assaulted a 69 year old man, treating him like trash".