Rep. Maxine Waters: O'Reilly needs "to go to jail'"

Rep. Maxine Waters: O'Reilly needs

A New York Times story published on Saturday reported that five women had been paid a total of $13 million in payouts - either from Fox News or from O'Reilly himself - related to sexual harassment claims they made against the television host.

"I think he's a person I know well - he is a good person", Trump reportedly said. "Don't talk about Bill O'Reilly and a sexual harassment suit, or suits, when you know nothing about the context and the content of what those suits are".

Three dozen companies have pulled their advertising from O'Reilly's show The O'Reilly Factor, and HuffPost reports that those that remain are receiving pressure on social media to do the same. "Bill O'Reilly needs to go to jail".

The Jenny Craig defection shows how dire the situation has become for Fox News.

The claims made against O'Reilly include one from a former on-air talent who said she was propositioned by the anchor and suffered recriminations and a loss of opportunities within Fox News after turning him down.

A Mercedes-Benz spokesman said Monday night that the company had pulled ads from O'Reilly's show and reassigned them to other Fox News shows.

Diamond continued her tweets, directed at Trump, by writing, "Fox has publicly acknowledged it requires employment agreements, which require mediation and prevent going to court".

Meanwhile, many female employees inside Fox News are too scared to speak out about problems in the workplace, fearing that they have no leverage against powerful on-air talents like O'Reilly, current and former network sources have told CNNMoney.

Waters also had some words for Ivanka Trump, the president's "special assistant" and a self-declared advocate for women who's done a less-than-impressive job of championing women's issues. She calls O'Reilly and Trump "two of a kind".

Walsh said she believed "a small group of men of a certain generation" are teaching the country "that women are sexual objects". She now has scores of newfound fans across the USA, but O'Reilly and Trump might not be among them.

Once the congresswoman started, it was hard to stop her rant about O'Reilly and the allegations that have been leveled against him.

So far, the controversy has not negatively affected O'Reilly's ratings.