Star Wars 8: What Connections with Star Wars Rogue One?

Star Wars 8: What Connections with Star Wars Rogue One?

(Jyn, you're not Captain Phasma, are you...?) What if one of the Force Awakens characters is retroactively "introduced" in Rogue One? During an interview on a French-language chat show, the film's director Gareth Edwards (low-budget indie "Monsters", 2014's Hollywood remake of "Godzilla") has dropped hints that another legendary character from the original "Star Wars" trilogy could play a part in the story: Princess Leia Organa.

Gamespot, which also reported the news on "Star Wars: Battlefront 3" Rouge One DLC release date, added that there's a new mode, supposedly multi-stage and ground-and-space-based combat, that can be expected in the new downloadable content. These kind of featurettes are always my favorites, and I only wish that Disney would release longer versions of these behind-the-scenes looks.

Though they didn't know each other at the time, Ahmed, 34, said she's the cast member he'd choose to grab a drink with after filming to "carry on that tradition".

In July, EA DICE confirmed its fourth Battlefront DLC and it's based on the the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One movie. When that movie, the first "Star Wars" film he wasn't involved in, was released, Lucas criticized it. Endless rumors have been going around the internet making it one of the most awaited films of next year.

The latest trailer for the "Star Wars" had shown a lot of interesting things. "So I felt for him, and he was incredibly gracious".

After all, "Star Wars: Episode VIII" is expected to focus on Rey as she discovers who she really is by training with Luke in Ahch-To, where she found the Jedi Master in the final moments of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". We were given a licence to take a risk and we took it.

She told the Daily Telegraph: "Jyn is a fantastic woman".

None of the footage we saw revealed anything more about Darth Vader's appearance. I love the creativity that goes into these creature designs, and cleverness of the execution - from animatronic masks to walking rigs.

Now that the film is finally finished, Edwards said the experience "feels like the end of something". While I will avoid spoilers, I will give you my initial fan reactions.