The NES Classic's Biggest Issue Just Got Solved

The NES Classic's Biggest Issue Just Got Solved

If you really want to grab one in time for Christmas, you can pay a grossly inflated price, or you can try your chance at Toys R Us tomorrow. And just like the Sesame Street doll, Nintendo's retro-themed miniature game console is sold out everywhere, save for second-hand sellers who have gone and jacked up the price on places such as eBay and Craigslist.

While most of Nintendo's attempts to repackage your childhood memories in a wonderfully nostalgic new bundle called the NES Classic Edition worked out quite well, there are some aspects of the system which don't leave retro gamers feeling warm and fuzzy.

If your child's list to Santa includes two of the hottest toys this season, Hatchimals and Nintendo Mini NES, you know it's been hard to get your hands on those toys. On top of that, Toys R Us will also have Hatchimals back in stock and ready for buyers on Sunday. "Toys R Us getting new shipment Sunday">Toys R Us bright and early Sunday.

O'Hara said shoppers will only be allowed to purchase one of each item to ensure as many families as possible have access to the toys.

Both Hatchimals and Nintendo NES are selling for as much as $300 through online resellers.

Spin Master, the company that makes them, has ramped up production to meet demand.

Nestled inside a brightly speckled egg, the Hatchimal responds to the power of human touch and begins to hatch and communicate through taps, pecks, lights and sound., a deal-tracking site, says there are also rumors that Target will have Hatchimals this weekend as well.

Multiple controllers are also supported, the whole system is lag free and, neatly, you can return to the NES Mini Classic's home screen by pressing DOWN and SELECT.