Patagonia donating its $10M in Black Friday sales to charity

Patagonia donating its $10M in Black Friday sales to charity

Outdoor outfitter Patagonia attracted positive attention when it announced that it would be open on Black Friday, but donate all of its sales (not its profits: all sales) from retail stores and its website to environmental charities.

"We're humbled to report the response was beyond expectations", Patagonia said in a statement about the event, "The science is telling us loud and clear: We have a problem". The double-digit millions raised in Patagonia's so-called "fundraiser for the Earth" hauled in more than five times the money the company anticipated, no doubt helped by a certain President Elect's insistence that climate change is a hoax and the news that the EPA might not make it through the next four years of American government.

The U.S.' relationship with the environment has been of key importance in recent weeks, as organizations worldwide wait with baited breath over whether President-Elect Donald Trump will stick to his claims made earlier this year, that he would reverse the actions activated by current U.S. incumbent, Barack Obama created to combat climate change.

Patagonia's effort isn't entirely out of character for the brand.

Clothing company Patagonia promises to donate sales from Black Friday.

Marcario stated that in this "divisive time" it is important for them to voice their concerns and give awareness not only to their customers, but also to communities. "Environmental values are something we all embrace". I believe the environment is something we can all come together on.

Kenna said the donation would go to a large network of almost 800 organizations in the USA and around the world.

You can find Rose Marcario's full blog post on the record-breaking Black Friday sales here.

Patagonia has a long history of donating earnings towards protecting the environment and is a member of 1% For The Planet, an alliance of businesses that understand the necessity of protecting the natural environment.