How to Delete iCloud Calendar Spam Without Alerting Spammers

How to Delete iCloud Calendar Spam Without Alerting Spammers

This will stop reminders which can cut down on the amount of notifications that you get. Every industry has to evolve to meet changing markets, and spammers are no different. The first is to create a new calendar and drag the event into it, without first responding to it. Also, Apple could initiate some processing done on the server side of the source sending these invites which would restrict such constant flooding of notifications. Do this with all of the other spam invites you've received - just remember, don't respond to the invite (by tapping Accept, Maybe, or Decline) or you will alert the spammer to your active account. It is a great feature as you don't have to search your inbox for an invitation. The operating system then notifies users about the event invitation found in an email.

Here are some better solutions to the problem, with each one taking a different approach. These workarounds, unfortunately, have their drawbacks. The report suggested that more and more users, mostly from the United States, are complaining about unwanted invites in the calendar application related to products they never asked for.

It is indeed spam and it's got to do with the company's iCloud service. The events often run for several days, clogging up calendars. This will allow users to simply delete the pesky calendar event spam as it comes in via email.

Want to keep using the Calendar app but don't want to deal with spam invites?

Blocking future calendar spam is less involved but requires a visit to your iCloud account via a Web browser. But it can get really annoying when you get an influx of spam invites to sales for UGGs or Ray-Bans.

In Calendars click the gear icon and select Preferences. Next to Invitations, click the radio button next to Email to [your email address].

First of all, you can click on the spam event and hit the Decline button at the bottom of your iPhone or iPad display.

Tap on iCloud, then on Photos.

At the moment, there's no real solution - you can't mark the invites as spam, nor can you prevent invites from people who are not in your contacts list.

It's unclear what happened to cause the sudden uptick in this form of spam.

To disable the auto-add feature, navigate to iCloud.com and login with your information.