We will see familiar alien races in Mass Effect: Andromeda

We will see familiar alien races in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Walters stressed that the developers are not closing their doors on the possibility of the said characters returning in future titles.

Recently, Creative Director Mac Walters confirmed sad news for the fans.

However, he did further state that his team have designed the game's IP in a particular way that it would be possible for all of them to appear.

Some other tidbits of information included are the fact that the game will feature a lighter tone than that of Mass Effect 3, and that the events of the original trilogy will not have a huge impact on the story of Andromeda.

The game will also allow players to arrive on new planets, and present the players with the opportunity to wipe out all hostile enemies, and laying waste to bases to undermine enemy power. each player should have "at least one" base, and destroying these basis will give players valuable rewards.

On one hand, EA is the publisher of the game.

As such, it seems that fans will have to wait and see to know what's really in store for them in the upcoming "Mass Effect: Andromeda" released in March 2017. In the upcoming Game Awards on December 1, 2016, the publisher will disclose other gameplay for Andromeda.

In the first three games of Mass Effect, players could experience a lot of alien race from the Milky Way Galaxy.

The setting of "Mass Effect: Andromeda" will be in the unchartered territory of the Heleus cluster of the Andromeda Galaxy.

I would've thought that the absence of the non-Ark races-Turian, Salarian, Asari, and human-would be not only obvious, but expected. It is created to expand the reach of the galactic civilization into the Milky Way's neighboring galaxy. The Pathfinder is the only chance to help them to find a new place to live.