'Stop joking about Boris' senior Conservative MPs told

'Stop joking about Boris' senior Conservative MPs told

Rossendale and Darwen MP Berry's defence of Johnson came after the Foreign Secretary visited Afghanistan for the first time. "If they want the United Kingdom to be taken seriously, they need to back him not mock him" one close ally of his tells me.

He said Britain could be proud of the sacrifices and achievements of its troops, despite the deteriorating situation in areas like Helmand, now in large part under Taliban control, where more British soldiers died than in any other province.

In the autumn statement, Philip Hammond chose to mock Boris' failed leadership bid. Mrs May said: "Boris, the dog was put down. when its master decided it wasn't needed any more".

Johnson, standing a few feet away, was furious as MPs, including May, roared with laughter.

The Prime Minister used her Conservative Party conference speech to joke "can Boris Johnson stay on message for a full four days?"

I understand that Boris is also irritated by briefings that he turned up to a Cabinet committee with the wrong papers and has complained to Number 10 about it. It has lost responsibility for managing Brexit and trade. Reportedly, the British Foreign Secretary promised to work on the recommendation.

Speaking during an overnight visit to Kabul that included meetings with President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, Johnson said Britain remained committed to Afghanistan "for the long haul". He's also set about trying to sell Brexit Britain to the world. The below the belt comments are no longer amusing'.

Mr Hammond said: "I suspect that I will prove no more adept at pulling rabbits from hats than my successor as Foreign Secretary has been at retrieving balls from the back of scrums".