Instagram will now warn people that you're snooping on their snaps

Instagram will now warn people that you're snooping on their snaps

As you know, Instagram recently introduced the Stories feature. Not only that, the images sent via direct message will disappear once they're sent and, like Snapchat, will notify people when they've taken a screenshot or replayed it.

Instagram's latest upgrade includes not just the ability to send self-destructing messages, but notifies users if someone screenshots their direct message.

The feature is similar to the one offered by popular picture story app Snapchat.

Don't fret, you are still able to lurk under the radar.

These notifications are only sent to Insta's "disappearing messages", so you can keep screen grabbing standard shots in your photo feed without effect.

Just like Snapchat, the social media app now lets users privately send photos to friends that disappear just a matter of seconds after being opened. In case you're unfamiliar, the idea is that these are messages that will disappear after a period of time, making it ideal if you're sending messages that you'd rather not have a copy of. It is also being updated with new features frequently. This used to be one of the key features that differentiated Snapchat from other apps.

Although Instagram and Snapchat have some similarities, there is no arguing that Instagram is expanding quickly. "And you will see if they replayed it or took a screenshot.", says Instagram on a blog post. Instagram has brought forward many Snapchat inspired features this year, and has also introduced live videos.