Water service resumes in Nowata after Kansas plant explosion

Water service resumes in Nowata after Kansas plant explosion

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Lynn said there were no reports of the city's approximately 39,000 residents or six water districts losing service.

Worse, the city's main water supply inlet, from the Fall River, was just downstream from where the chemically tainted water from fighting the fire ran into the river. Inc. plant in Neodesha, Kansas.

On Thursday, the DEQ said it believed ethylene glycol leaked into the river.

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Officials in Coffeyville, Independence and Nowata have been given approval to start using water from the Verdigris River again.

Hatfield said samples analyzed were "non-detect for specific chemicals", which means chemical amounts could be less than or equal to detection limits.

Results from samples taken Thursday should be available Friday, she said. In the meantime, everyone needs to be conservative with water usage. An explosion Tuesday at the Airosol Co.

Although the compound was stored at the plant, Hatfield said Oklahoma officials haven't found any chemicals in the water.

After the water shut off, Nowata officials declared a state of emergency to receive assistance from the state and the Red Cross.

Coffeyville officials say residents are still under a boil order for the next couple of days as well as a water watch. Give-aways will begin around 8:30 a.m. Friday.

A national retail chain and a tribal government donated bottled water in preparation for a loss of service. "He's been very gracious and very helpful and always ending each conversations with 'what do you need?' and anything that we ask for, they've come through", said Coffeyville Mayor Chris Williams.