Police, migrants clash in Bulgaria over camp's quarantine

Police, migrants clash in Bulgaria over camp's quarantine

Another 15 migrants have been arrested for damaging property, police said on Friday.

Police and refugees have been hospitalized following violent clashes in Bulgaria's largest refugee camp in the southeastern town on Harmanli on Thursday evening.

The Harmanli centre, which houses just over 3,000 refugees, imposed a ban on the refugees' movement earlier this week after local media alleged that it was home to communicable skin diseases.

The crowd, primarily made up of refugees from Afghanistan, allegedly set auto tires alight and hurled stones at more than 200 police and firefighters to protest a newly imposed rule banning migrants from leaving the center after an alleged outbreak of infectious disease.

Twenty-nine police and 20 migrants were injured in the late night clashes as police pushed the migrants back into the buildings. He said that 200 of the rioting migrants were detained and placed in custody.

"How many more people need to die in a tent, trying to keep warm, before European Union and Greek authorities take action?" asked Loic Jaeger, head of mission in Greece for the relief agency Doctors Without Borders, or MSF.

The migrants set auto tyres on fire and threw stones at some 250 police, firefighters and gendarmerie at the Harmanli reception centre close to the Turkish border, local police spokeswoman Nina Nikolova told AFP.

Refugees clash with police near the Turkish border after authorities restrict their movement over health fears.

Last month, several hundred Afghans staged protests demanding to be allowed to move westwards to Europe.

The offenders - who authorities identified as mainly young Afghan men - will be moved to closed facilities that are being set up at an empty barracks near the Turkish border before being extradited next month to their native Afghanistan.

"The number of detained migrants is dynamic".

Tensions have been rising particularly in Greece where tens of thousands of people remain stranded.

During the riot, 24 police officers were injured.

The explosion occurred while the 66-year-old woman was cooking, police said, adding that the child's mother and four-year-old sibling were hospitalised with serious injuries.