Remember Solitaire? It's available now on Android, iOS

Remember Solitaire? It's available now on Android, iOS

As part of the announcement Microsoft revealed a total of five games will make up the Solitaire Collection, including Spider, FreeCell, Klondike, Pyramids and Tripeaks. The collection includes Klondike or the classic Solitaire, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid and TriPeaks game types.

A version of the app with ads is available for free, or you can buy a monthly subscription to remove the ads and receive double rewards from the daily challenges.

As of today, Microsoft Solitaire Collection is now available on iOS and Android.

You can now download Microsoft Solitaire Collection from Apple's App Store and Google Play Store. It's that go-to game (right next to Minesweeper) everyone plays while they're bored or need to pass some time. At a time where many users were still unfamiliar with graphical user interfaces, this game proved useful in familiarizing them with the use of a mouse and other now-standard devices.

Sign in with your Microsoft account to earn Xbox Live achievements and compete with your friends and family. "And now, those on iPhone, iPad and Android devices can play the popular card game for free", says Paul Jensen, Studio Manager of Microsoft Casual Games. While the game may not be something which forces people to install Windows operating system, it is definitely one of those games that still finds millions of takers worldwide.

Solitaire is a card game that has existed since the late 1700s and is the oldest Windows game - it dates back to the 3.0 version released in 1990.

The game has been available on Windows ever since, but Microsoft kept it to itself... until now.

If the above five games aren't enough to tickle your fancy, you'll be pleased to learn Microsoft has thrown Xbox LIVE support into the mix as well.