Homicides are on the rise in Quebec and across Canada, StatsCan says

Homicides are on the rise in Quebec and across Canada, StatsCan says

According to a report issued Wednesday by Statistics Canada, Saskatchewan reported the highest homicide rate in the country in 2015, with 3.79 per 100,000 people.

Saskatoon came in second with a rate of 3.22.

Quebec is among the provinces with the lowest provincial homicide rate - 0.93 per 100,000 people - while Saskatchewan has the highest rate: 3.79 per 100,000 people.

Despite this increase over 2014, the homicide rate in Canada in 2015 remains below the average rate from 2005 to 2014. That means Saskatchewan had 43 homicides previous year.

Alberta had 133 reported homicides in 2015, second only to Ontario with 174 homicides.

We had 22 homicides a year ago.

In 2015, 13 Edmonton homicides involved a gun while 12 involved knives or edged weapons.

Forty-three per cent of homicides in the Montreal area were committed with a firearm, and the same percentage of homicides were deemed gang-related by police, said Rebecca Kong, manager of the Policing Services Program at Statistics Canada.

In 2015, the population in Saskatchewan was 1.1 million people, and in Manitoba was 1.3 million. Of the 525 people accused of committing homicides in 2015, 33 per cent - about roughly 173 people - were aboriginal. The homicide rate increased by 15 per cent up to 1.68 victims per 100,000 population.One-quarter of the 604 homicide victims were reported by police as an Indigenous person.

There were about 80 more killings in 2015 than the year before.

According to the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics Homicide Study, there were 604 victims of homicide in Canada in 2015, 83 more than in 2014.