Dubai police drop charges against British 'gang rape victim'

Dubai police drop charges against British 'gang rape victim'

The woman's family said that their daughter was on holiday with plans to travel to Australia when she was reportedly raped by two British men in Dubai and later arrested for reporting her rape.

But officials did not explicitly say what happens to the charge against the woman, who was arrested and accused of extramarital sex, despite her accusations of rape.

Now prosecutors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) say they have stopped the case after studying mobile phone footage on a suspect's phone showing "the act happened with the consent of the three parties in question".

"A video obtained from the mobile phone of one of the suspects detailing the act was a key evidence that supported this conclusion", they said.

The Public Prosecutors Office said it has closed the case and "has decided not to proceed with legal proceedings".

The legal advice group and others lobbied for the woman's release, and on November 22 Dubai officials announced that the woman was released from custody, had her passport returned to her, and was free to leave the citty - along with the men she accused of rape, who would not be charged.

Britain-based legal advocacy group Detained in Dubai said a charge of extramarital sex can lead to imprisonment and flogging in Dubai, which draws a large number of expatriates and visitors and boasts a tourism industry tailored to a Western way of life.

The case received extension coverage in British press.

"Others in the past have not been so fortunate".

British media reported last week that a British national was allegedly gang-raped by her two compatriots in Dubai.

He said the allegations against the men were "categorically incorrect and false".

In a case that caused anger around the world, she was immediately charged with having sex outside marriage (she is separated from her husband), which carries a jail sentence under the UAE's strict laws.