Closest super moon since 1948

Closest super moon since 1948

The so-called Super Moon happens when the moon is full at the same time as, or very near, perigee - its closest point to the earth on an elliptical monthly orbit. Super moon conditions occur when the orbital path brings the moon in rare proximity to the earth, making the body appear larger in the evening sky.

COUNTY Press readers have taken impressive pictures of the "super moon".

Photographs should have another object in them with which to compare the size of the moon tonight. The full moon will not come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034.

"This particular moon it's even closer than normal. So the exact distance, which was actually at about 5:15 this morning was 221,524 miles", says Marc Seigar, Associate Dean of UMD Swenson College of Science and Engineering. The next time the two bodies will approach as close will be November 25, 2034.